Corporate Responsibility

DCS are committed to operating a responsible business, we believe in ensuring our business activities are always carried out in the most sustainable, ethical, safe method possible - conforming with all relevant laws and legislation. You can read more about our commitment to accreditation and training here.

At DCS, we offer equal opportunities and employee development as well as striving to deliver the best value and quality of service to our clients. We recognise the importance of valuing every team member and work closely with them to understand how we can support their learning and development. As a recognised Living Wage service provider, DCS ensure that our employees earn a wage that is enough to live on. You can read more about our commitment here.

To download the full DCS Policy Document, which includes the information below, please click here:

  • Environmental General Policy Statement
  • Health and Safety General Policy Statement
  • Quality Management General Policy Statement
  • Training and Development Policy Statement
  • Occupational Health / Health Surveillance

To find out more on our sustainability policy and accreditations, contact the DCS team today. Call 0330 002 9492.