Avoid Drain Disruption with DCS


Drain problems happen when you least expect, and when they’re least welcome.

Drains can be blocked for a number of reasons. From oils to fats, to general waste and rubbish, a drain blockage can stop business can cause disruption. For businesses in particular, flooding of water and sewage can cause visual problems and prevent trading from a public safety point of view.

Structural problems can also cause drain issues, with corrosion of pipes, root intrusion from trees and general external environmental factors a risk to drain disruption.

At DCS we regularly tackle emergency drain problems, providing an emergency callout service for its clients. Additionally, DCS provides a regular drains maintenance service, ensuring that drains and pipe networks are kept blockage free from any nasty surprises.

Our experienced team of individuals tackle drain disasters, using the latest equipment to identify the cause of the blockage and remove the problem.

DCS are able to handle:

  •           Bathroom blockages
  •           Kitchen blockages
  •           Drain cleaning and unblocking
  •           Drain surveys
  •           Drain repairs

For further information on how DCS can help keep your drains stay blockage free call us on 0330 002 9492.