Revive Your Business with Commercial Carpet Cleaning


Carpets can easily show stains, marks and grime, and over time they need to be properly treated to restore them to their original state.

Regular carpet cleaning can help maintain the condition of a fabric over a longer period of time, ensuring that your carpet goes the distance and presents a positive appearance to customers, visitors and employees.

At DCS, our specially trained commercial carpet cleaning team use a range of powerful cleaning equipment tools to tackle stains and marks, boosting pile fabrics to give them a renewed appearance and remove, if not all grime. Tackling different types of upholstery, carpets and interior décor, our efficient cleaning service will help you to enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, durable and healthier working environment.

As a member of the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc), we are committed to delivering a high standard of cleaning for all of our customers. To minimise disruption for the customer, our carpet cleaning programme can be scheduled at a time that doesn’t affect the smooth running of business for employees and customers.

Our commercial carpet cleaning service is available for clients in all sectors.

For further information on how DCS can provide a commercial carpet cleaning service for your business contact us on 0330 002 9492.