Has Your Office had These Winter Repairs?


Colder temperatures are here to stay, and with the wind, rain and icy weather, it’s important that businesses take close inspection of any winter repairs that their premises need.

It’s common for businesses to often be too relaxed about their facilities maintenance, but to ensure the continuation of smooth operations, it is important to keep on top of any potential premises problems.

This is where DCS can help. Working with businesses across all sectors, we provide a planned all season maintenance programme as well as an emergency callout service for when those unexpected issues arise.

Particularly in the winter months, we recommend that the following winter repairs and services take place:

  • Inspection of gutters, roofs and general building infrastructure for any damage or risk
  • Pipe insulation
  • Leaky taps, cisterns or other water appliances
  • Boiler and central heating service- DCS are an accredited Gas Safe company
  • Insulation checks
  • Security lights, safety lights, locks and shutters
  • Additional waste management due to high footfall
  • Safety signage for both interior and exterior premises
  • Weather guarding stocks including grit, rock salt and weather related equipment

And for those jobs that are too high to reach, our special cherry picker vehicle and 400psi drain jetter machine can effectively clear away grime, inspect building structure and tackle any high-risk job that requires additional effort.

All of our facilities management services are carried out by our experienced and fully qualified team, committed to a high standard of delivery and expertise.

For further information on our range of winter repairs work and our full facilities management services contact us on 0300 002 9492.