What are the warning signs of a pest problem?


It’s often hard to see that pests have moved in and once you have noticed the warning signs, the problem could have grown into a larger one.
Smaller insects use cracks to enter your premises, whilst the nocturnal movements of larger pests can go unnoticed, particularly if your office is unoccupied at night.
Common pest infestations include rats, mice and termites. Left unchecked or unchallenged, these infestations can escalate and cause lasting damage as well as posing a health risk to customers and employees. 
What are the pest warning signs you should be aware of? 
Droppings and odours: an explained collection of droppings and a strong smell can indicate a pest presence. A facilities management provider like DCS will be able to identify a pathway or a nest location to deal with the infestation quickly and effectively. 
Holes and cracks: gaps in the foundations, walls and flooring are typical entry points for pests. Look for pieces of dirt or other materials where pests may have burrowed. Similarly, keep an eye out for tracks to identify where pests may be entering and hibernating.
Sounds: strange squeaking, scratching or scurrying coming from the walls? Call in the professionals to check your crawlspaces, attics or any other locations where an infestation from rats or mice could be taking place. 
Loss of materials or damage to wiring: whilst smaller pests use natural materials like mud or sand to build nests, larger animals including mice and rats may use bigger, manmade materials like insulation and pieces of fabric to create a home. Damaged carpets and upholstered items could be an indicator of a problem.
A regular check and document of evidence can help stop pests in their tracks. 
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