6 summer safety tips for FM providers

Whilst we all look forward to the balmy, summer months, the sudden increase in temperature can be a challenge for facilities management providers.

All weather conditions can have an impact on facilities management, with heat providing particular risks. Employers have a particular duty to provide proper ‘thermal comfort’ for their employees, and help to manage the temperature of the working environment.

Here’s how you can keep your employees, clients and visitors safe during the summer.

Sun safety: for employees working outside, make sure they are provided with a high SPF sunscreen and wear protective glasses with a reliable UV rating. Loose clothing should be worn to keep cool, and time spent working in the sun should be kept to a minimum.

Equipment maintenance: avoid equipment overheating by checking that all parts are free of dust or trapped items. Whilst this is particularly important during the summer, proper maintenance of equipment should take place all year round.

Pests: avoid being stung by angry wasps, bees or hornets and keep a properly stocked first aid kit close by just in case an injury occurs. Clean the wound and place an antibiotic ointment to the effected area. Taking an antihistamine and pain relief can also help. Seek medical help if you feel sick or have difficulty breathing.

Water: encourage your employees to keep regularly hydrated, with easy access to clean drinking water. If working with water, ensure staff are wearing the correct protective clothing and are aware of the dangers of any water born infections.

Fire: temperature increases can lead to electrical items overheating. Make sure machinery isn’t overused, and has time to cool down between uses. As part of a regular routine, also ensure that all fire alarms are working correctly.

Ventilation: the workplace should be cool and comfortable for employees to work in. Check that blinds are fully functional and close properly, as well as keeping any air conditioning units and fans in safe condition.

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