DCS are experts in understanding the challenges presented by the environments we service.

Operating in a number of industries across four key sectors, we provide a comprehensive range of facilities management services for the commercial, health, public and retail sectors. Our integrated approach to facilities management fits with the unique needs of our clients, and we work closely with them to ensure they receive the services they require.

DCS provides high quality cleaning, building and maintenance solutions, giving clients peace of mind that all elements of their facilities management commitment are under control.

If you are a large operator with a Facilities Manager we can work with you to deliver an agreed programme of scheduled services, and support you with unexpected situations as they arise.

However, if you do not have an employed Facilities Manager you can be assured that our experience and quick response can be the facilities management partner that you need.

At DCS we are committed to delivering a consistently high standard of service that makes the day to day operation of your business easier. The DCS team are highly trained and strive to deliver the DCS values – Passion, Attitude, Knowledge, Sustainability. You can be confident that DCS have a proven track record to work with you on one off projects or ongoing contracts. As your business flexes and grows we will be there to support you.